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I am Claudio Giuliani and this is my home page.
I live in Bologna - Italy and my preferred hobby are electronics, software and MTB

I am Italian, but  i think that the appropriate language for principals topics of this page is english.
excuse for my bad english !!!

Facebook link:

For fsarchiver_dialog  (frontend of fsarchiver program) information and download please  click here

For Power warning please  click here

For DDS 0-25MHz Generator with sweep (and X ramp) please  click here

For My RTL_SDR_Wide_Spectrum_Analyzer software, please click here

For DLNA-UPNP server with UBUNTU and rygel (Italian language) please  click here
For MTB tracks that i have recorded  near my city (Bologna-Italy) please click here

HOWTO  share internet connection with UBUNTU (italian language), please click here

RTL-SDR experience (italian language) please click here

Net_Config: a freeware program for setting a temporary IP on Windows 7 (8?)  click here (italian language)

Trasmettitore FM stereo con RDS (di piccola potenza) click here (italian language)

Antimateria click here (italian language)

Telecomando via SMS click here (italian language)