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I am Claudio Giuliani and this is my home page.
I live in Bologna - Italy and my preferred hobby are electronics, software and MTB

I am Italian, but  i think that the appropriate language for principals topics of this page is english.
excuse for my bad english !!!

Facebook link:

Example of use of RF sweep generator / please click here

For fsarchiver_dialog  (frontend of fsarchiver program) information and download please  click here

For Power warning please  click here

For DDS 0-25MHz Generator with sweep (and X ramp) please  click here

For My RTL_SDR_Wide_Spectrum_Analyzer software, please click here

For DLNA-UPNP server with UBUNTU and rygel (Italian language) please  click here
For MTB tracks that i have recorded  near my city (Bologna-Italy) please click here

HOWTO  share internet connection with UBUNTU (italian language), please click here

RTL-SDR experience (italian language) please click here

Net_Config: a freeware program for setting a temporary IP on Windows 7 (8?)  click here (italian language)

Trasmettitore FM stereo con RDS (di piccola potenza) click here (italian language)

Antimateria click here (italian language)

Telecomando via SMS click here (italian language)

 Elaborazione grafica Focus Staking con linux click here (italian language)

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